The Horse Radar is a group knitted together by ‘the one thing’ they are passionate about, “THE HORSE”.

Together we have envisioned a community, of 100,000 Horse Lovers, striving to make each other’s journeys the most fruitful and enjoyable!

How? By fixing each other’s Horse Problems.

What do we do?
-Discover & notify horse problems
-Search and discover Solutions
-Pat our Horses and Ourselves
-Continue Enjoying

Some Words From Our Founder :

” I have been a horse lover and a part of the horse community my entire life. Like every other field, the horse field also is a challenging place to be in. With new problems and challenges popping up every now and then. As a part of the horse community, it is our duty to make the lives of our horses as comfortable, pain-free, and stress-free, as it can get”

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Muhammad Haris Khan
[email protected]

“When I started searching online for solutions for my horse problems, I was amazed by the number of horse people facing the same problems as I did.

But, sadly most of the information I found was half-cooked, outdated, and of little use to me. Hence I decided to start my own blogging website to put an effort into helping my fellow horse parents and their beloved horses out there! “